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We have huge selection of cabinetry in stock and custom
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ABC Home Expert

Countertops - unique design and finish will create a perfect finish to any of our cabinetry
Sinks - our sinks come in different variety of sizes and finishes
Faucets - our faucets come in wide range of styles that compliment and design look of our kitchen

ABC Home Expert

Wide range of services - carpentry, tile installation, flooring…
FREE measurements
FREE estimates

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ABC Home Expert offers all types of home improvement services all in on convenient location. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services at affordable prices. No matter your type of need we can take your vision and make it a reality. ABC Home Expert has the right team for the job no matter how big or small. With an in house design team and professional contractors you will never worry about spending extra time or money.

Our full range and line of products and services is what you’ve been looking for whether your outdated kitchen cabinets, countertops, floors need redone and redesigned or you need a full home renovation-remodel ABC Home Expert is in your corner. Our full line up includes quality kitchen cabinets ranging from modern to traditional, custom and everything between. We have a full line of European faucets for kitchen and bathroom. Sinks of all types and much much more.

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For so many years we’ve worked with established companies in the kitchen and bath industry that gives us exclusive rights to provide our customer the best quality for the best price. In our store you can find a huge selection of any kind of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in Traditional style, Shaker Style, Modern or European style, in stock or custom made, follow your taste and needs. Huge selection of quartz and granite countertops, unique Modern faucets, European tiles and stylish Richelieu hardware. ABC Home Expert spends a lot of time and money researching new SMART technologies on the market that will help modernize and make your home more functional and comfortable.

Remodeling is never easy process for everyone. Our remodeling team is the heart of our company. They will give you the best advice, and proudly demonstrate high skills for the excellent results. We will guide you from the first call to the last touch up to make process enjoyable and fun. From so many years working in remodeling industry we have more than enough satisfied customers thankful for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling or entire house renovation. Give us a call ABC Home Expert and become our family.

It’s not easy to find company that has this wide range of services who you can trust to recommend to your the best friend who will always be there for you if u need it 24/7. Our team will always stand behind you rain or shine to be sure you are safe, comfortable and all your problems are solved. There is no job too small or too big when we work with plumbing, electricity, or doing any repair work. ABC Home Expert only use licensed plumber and electrician contractors to provide high quality service. Call ABC Home Expert and we will answer all your questions.

Every design starts from your dream and not always it’s easy to explain what exactly you want to see as result. Leave it for us. Our professionals trained designers will turn your dreams to reality. Design is not just how your kitchen, bathroom, basement, living room or personal office will look first of all it’s how it will feel. We will make sure that your design will be unique just for you and your family. When we are talking about your home – we are also talking about comfort, coziness and love.

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