Our work

Abc Home Expert loves a kitchen transformation. In this project we were able to bring this kitchen to life. This kitchen was previously boxed in by walls that sectioned off the kitchen. By simply opening up a wall, we were able to make this kitchen more inviting. With this wall removal it allowed us to provide our customer with more counter space by adding an extension to their countertop, also known as a Peninsula. Brightening up this scene was managed by replacing their dark wooden cabinets with our classic white shaker cabinets. With white as a base color, we were able to create harmony with the flooring, countertop, and backsplash effortlessly. It's important to make the most of the spaces we have in our homes. We were given the opportunity to work our magic on this ordinary laundry room. By adding our cabinetry and other appliances we were able to create new functionality into this space. We pride ourselves on the hard work that our construction crew is able to execute. They are able to turn what used to be a crowded wall of wires and pipes, into a nice clean surface. Bravo!

Transforming the traditional kitchen into a modern kitchen will not leave anyone indifferent. Kitchen made in white and dark gray. The most popular color mix will always remain a great option for a large and cozy kitchen.