Our work

Another one of our amazing projects, well done. This sized kitchen was the perfect opportunity to feature a large kitchen island. A luxury few can have, our customer was really happy to have so much more extra counter space. We were able to utilize all the walls in the kitchen, giving our customer as much storage space as we could. The dark base cabinets give a cozy and sophisticated vibe while the white wall cabinets really brighten up the area. A unique touch to this kitchen would have to be the backsplash. This backsplash has beautiful curved line work in white that makes the kitchen look artistic in a fancy way. All in all, these selections have turned into a sleek and clean look for a kitchen. Adding fun elements into our designs is one of our favorite parts of the process. This way our customers get the chance to express themselves and be creative through their home. Every family and home has their own style, and Abc Home Expert makes it a priority to have many options and styles to choose from. We love to have fun and experiment with different color schemes and textures. We love to see the smile on our customers' faces even more.

This breathtaking kitchen is a modern comfort, designed by Abc Home Expert. The black accents in the handles gives the kitchen a fine look and a “Welcome home!” feel while matched with our white shaker cabinets. This kitchen includes a lot of geometric features which makes it fun to look at. We were quite pleased working with this amazing design. This inviting kitchen is a wonderful addition and just a start to this family's new home. We wish them luck with the rest of their renovation!

Abc Home Expert can make kitchens look like the future. This all white kitchen is sure to create a heavenly look with a touch of modern. Adding features from our technology options can enhance the look of your kitchen. The LED lights that we’ve installed create a fun way to interact with your kitchen on a daily basis. Controlled by a small remote you have the option to set the lights to any color you choose!