Our work

A Modern Futuristic Kitchen

Abc Home Expert can make kitchens look like the future. This all white kitchen is sure to create a heavenly look with a touch of modern. Adding features from our technology options can enhance the look of your kitchen. The LED lights that we’ve installed create a fun way to interact with your kitchen on a daily basis. Controlled by a small remote you have the option to set the lights to any color you choose!

Increasing a Kitchens Storage Space with Style

We can re-imagine and accommodate even the smallest of spaces. We’ve found a storage solution for this kitchen by using wall cabinets in replacement of base cabinets. Since base cabinets are a bit bulky and are set to a standard size, it wasn't suitable to fit properly in this particular kitchen. Wall cabinets can come in varying depths, giving us the opportunity of adding thinner cabinets to the layout. This creates more room for storage without compromising the harmony of the previous layout.