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It is a universally applicable option between traditional and modern style. Mixed shades of white and dark gray will never get boring. The kitchen is made of stack material that will always look like a custom kitchen.

Choosing the perfect feel, style and look in a kitchen always starts with choosing a perfect design and style of cabinets - Custom or In-stock. At ABC Home Expert we make your kitchen how you desire. This kitchen can be created multiple ways. Custom kitchens are created in a way where you can create, input your ideas and make the kitchen “your way”. In-Stock kitchens are created from what we have and give a little life to a kitchen.

This beautiful white and gray kitchen was completed by our team this summer. The finished product turned out great, This color combination is actually a popular choice because of its versatility. No matter what style of home you may have, this combination is a simple way to transform your kitchen from old news to modern yet comfortable. This kitchen has a captivating effect when you walk into it. A kitchen can make you feel chaotic at times but this kitchen leaves you with a sense of calmness and clarity. The geometric pattern on the backsplash also brings in those fine lines of focus, giving the kitchen an alluring charm. This backsplash features various tones of grays and white to bring a sense of harmony to the top and bottom cabinets. In this project, our team was inspired to create a new area in this kitchen. After brainstorming ideas to create better flow to their kitchen We were able to design a coffee station that included even more storage and counter space without the bulkiness of the table they had in place at the time. This is a perfect place for conversation, hosting guests, or having a morning coffee. Our customer was more than pleased. This improvisation is just one example of the many ways Abc Home Experts can accommodate your needs into any space.