L-75ix FOR UP TO 75″ TV

Depth: 9.1″ Height: 32 3/4″ min / 40 3/4″ max Width: 36″
Model L-75ix is the go-to solution for living spaces that require multiple viewing angles from a drop-down TV. Lower up to 75″ TVs from the ceiling and turn to the optimal viewing position with 360-degree motorized swivel. Popular uses: Open-concept homes where TV viewing is desired in different spaces, such as the kitchen and living room.
  • 100 lbs weight capacity
  • Travels 52″
  • 360-degree motorized swivel
  • Fully extends in 15 seconds
  • Fully lowers and swivels 180 degrees in under 40 seconds
  • No exposed gears, tracks or scissors
  • Quiet operation at 45 dB
  • RF & IP controls included
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L-75ix FOR UP TO 75″ TVL-75ix FOR UP TO 75″ TVL-75ix FOR UP TO 75″ TVL-75ix FOR UP TO 75″ TV