Sauna heater guard kits

  • Our cedar heater guard protects the bathers from touching the heater 
  • Available in an 18” x 24” size for wall mounted heaters 
  • Heavy duty guards in 36” x 36” size for floor mounted heaters 
  • Choose between a 2-sided and 3-sided guard 
  • Made from the best grade of western red cedar 
  • Available in a full cedar model with extra fencing & cap

Prevent injury with a sturdy cedar heater guard kit. Made from the best grade of cedar, it protects the heater from accidental contact. Sizes can be modified on-site based on the recommended clearance of the heater. Standard kit is 18″ x 24″ for wall-mount heaters, and a heavy duty version in 36″ x 36″ is available for floor mount and wood burning heaters. New upgrade is available for a full cedar heater guard, with fencing to the floor.

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Sauna heater guard kitsSauna heater guard kitsSauna heater guard kits