Saunacore steam vaporizer ‘SV’

Saunacore steam vaporizer ‘SV’
Type: Electric
  • 4,000 to 10,500 watts 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Heat deflector and vented body design 
  • Wall mount, mercuri controls, and sauna stones included 
  • Manual fill steam vaporizer reservoir (kettle system design) included 
  • Recommended for use in dry, wet, Finnish, and hot-rock saunas

Our energy-efficient, steam vaporizer (SV) sauna heaters are designed to provide a fast warm-up time and safely heated environment, with a built-in water vaporizer for automatic steaming. 

Made of 100% pure stainless steel and industrial-grade silver solder incoloy, our SV sauna heaters are recommended by health professionals for not emitting any harmful gas and are approved by UL and CSA Group for electric use. 

Designed with a built-in water reservoir to automatically raise humidity levels to create a steamed environment.

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