Saunacore ultimate C6+1 floor heater

Saunacore ultimate C6+1 floor heater
Type: Electric
  • Available in 240v 1ph or 208v 3ph 
  • Five year limited warranty with saunacore 
  • Floor mount, mercuri controls, and sauna stones included 
  • Heat deflector and vented body design 
  • Automatic steam vaporizer options (plumbing required) 
  • Large capacity stone tray holds up to 280lbs 
  • Extra heat deflector included 
  • Digital or mechanical controls – built-In not available

Designed for larger homes and commercial use, our energy-efficient, floor-mounted sauna heaters and stoves are strong enough to generate desired heat and steam levels for bigger spaces. 

Made of 100% pure stainless steel and industrial-grade silver solder incoloy, the extreme duty grade C6+1 sauna heaters can hold sauna rocks up to 280 lbs.

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