Saunacore wood-burning heater

Saunacore wood-burning heater
Type: Wood burning
  • Glass door for wood-burning views 
  • Holds up to 75lbs of sauna rocks, sold separately 
  • Two sizes available for standard and larger sauna rooms 
  • 4.5” chimney size with standard 6” adaptor included 
  • Optional extended neck for external feeding (large heater only) 
  • Optional 2-gallon internal water tank with plumbing connection (large heater only)

Elevate your sauna experience with fireplace-like views with a saunacore wood-burning heater. The glass door lets you view the fire from inside the sauna room. Also available with an optional extended neck for exterior feeding, and an 2-gallon internal water tank with plumbing connection. Rocks sold separately.

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