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ABC Home Expert provides interior design studio services. A creative team of architects anddesigners is ready to take on your project, which brings to life projects of any level ofcomplexity, always focusing on high quality and results. Our task is to find a compromisebetween ergonomics and aesthetics. Beauty should be comfortable and useful. This is how ourinteriors are born.

Our specialists:

  1. Attentive to details. We do not create pictures divorced from reality. We create practicalsolutions for each space, taking into account the physical characteristics of the object. We payspecial attention to constructive moments. It is important for us that every corner, every joint inyour home is flawless.
  2. We are confident that beauty should be comfortable. We combine styles and take the bestfrom each direction. Modern housing must be technologically advanced. We can organicallyintroduce technology into the interior, combine natural textures and the latest technologies.
  3. They give preference to natural materials. We give preference to natural materials: wood,metal, glass, stone, leather.
  4. Deny massive decor. We create unique products for each project. Yes, we are perfectionists.In the creation of interiors, we take responsibility for every detail: from the construction ofbuilding structures to the vase on the bedside table.
  5. Take an integrated approach.

Design studio ABC Home Expert saves you time and allows you to make your dream come true!

How to create beauty and comfort in your home?

Interior design is a complex synthesis of ergonomics, aesthetics, and technology. In general, thewhole process can be divided into the following parts:

  1. Layout. At this stage, zoning, the erection of walls, partitions, the cultivation of electricalwiring, water supply, and the construction of structures take place. When building a house, thisstage takes place in close cooperation between a designer, an architect, and a constructionorganization.
  2. Decoration of walls, ceiling, and floor, selection of materials. At this stage, work with colorand shades takes place, a stylistic frame is created.
  3. Subject content and decor: furniture, accessories, lamps. At this stage, an individual style iscreated, the room acquires character and comfort.

As a result, the design project is visualized using special programs and sent to the customer forapproval. After approval, the builders begin to work on the design project.

Order interior designer services

Order an author's work in our design studio ABC Home Expert. We solve all possible designtasks, not forgetting about new trends and regulations. We can easily operate with any area ofyour object: from several tens to hundreds of square meters. We carry out our work within thetime stipulated by the contract. The final price of the interior design depends on the complexity,volume, customer requirements, and other related factors and needs.

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