General contractor

The key to the successful implementation of an investment and construction project is the choice of a general contractor who can effectively organize processes at the construction site, control each stage, direct and coordinate the actions of specialists, as well as deliver the object on time.

The building contractors are an organization which controls the process of construction work from the beginning of the development of the project until the delivery of the finished object to the customer. The contractor rationally plans all the activities to be carried out during the construction of the facility and monitors their timely, high-quality, and lawful execution. The success of the implementation of an investment and construction project directly depends on the general contractor, and at all stages.

ABC Home Studio has a sufficient level of competence in the construction of any facility.

Our professionalism has been appreciated by customers of dozens of objects of various purposes, scales, budget, and territorial locations. Our rich portfolio includes objects that are very heterogeneous in terms of complexity, and we are proud that in any difficult situation we could always find the optimal non-standard solution.

The workflow under our management is consistent, and all employees boast high qualifications and impressive professional experience. Our team has all the necessary specialized diplomas, certificates, and permits, which confirm the right of employees to work at contractor construction, and also testify to their high achievements in their chosen field.

Cooperation with the remodeling contractor ABC Home Studio gives you the following advantages:

  • rational spending of funds following the construction financing schedule;
  • a single control center that, without your participation, can draw up an optimal work schedule for workers and narrow-profile subcontractors, coordinate their actions and supervise the construction of the facility;
  • saving the customer's personal time. ABC Home Studio takes care of supplying the object with materials, drawing up and maintaining as-built documentation, and accepting work performed.
  • By concluding a general construction contract, the client receives a ready-to-use facility as soon as possible.

The responsibilities of our company include, among other things:

  • labor protection of all personnel involved in the implementation of the project;
  • care for the environment and ecology;
  • adherence to appropriate safety aspects during construction;
  • fire safety guarantees;
  • upon completion of construction works - improvement of the territory in which they were carried out.

If you are interested in construction general contracting or in inviting remodel contractors, please contact ABC Home Studio. Accurately within the agreed time frame, you will receive an object, completely ready for use and erected by all quality standards.

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