Place in a corner: some ideas for decorating empty space

Filling corners in a room efficiently and stylishly seems to be quite challenging. But in fact, it is enough to observe a few ideas to get inspired and come up with your own original version.


Each element of decor must be used in order to create a common style, those who already faced a similar situation, know that really well. Sometimes an empty corner can complement the interior design and become an important finishing detail.


Free space can be filled with flower vases or a tall floor vase. A floor lamp perfectly complements the interior if there is a couch, armchair or coffee table nearby.


Shelves ideas could be really fancy: from right angles to decorative tree branches. Such decorations allows to use free space wisely and to place books, handmade stuff or photographs there. Showing some imagination, it is possible to install consoles with shelves or to find the new use for an old folding ladder, just work with it a bit to make it fit in the existing style.


In the corridor and hallway, you can always organize a corner hanger for clothes and shoes. It is convenient and practical. And a mirror will perfectly complement the atmosphere.


The most common way to decorate a corner in rooms is to install a corner table or couch. Such solutions are often used in small spaces because it is a practical  way of furniture allocation. In addition, furniture stores are filled with suggestions for decorating corner zones. You can choose a telephone table or a wicker basket for toys or other stuff. And do not forget that today it is even possible to place an artificial fireplace in the corner. But remember: it will become the center of the whole room, so you need to design it accordingly.