Painting services

Painting services is the final stage of any room transformation, no matter what kind of arenovation was made - major or "cosmetic". Interior decoration consists of creating adurable and high-quality coating of ceilings and walls of a house, apartment, office,warehouse, and other premises. Painting finishing can be internal - made inside thepremises, and external - the facade of the building. ABC Home Expert`s craftsmenprovide quality painting services as well as painting services.

We offer:

  • Preliminary works on priming, putty, leveling of walls and ceilings.
  • Application of paints and varnishes (including multilayer).
  • Gluing wallpaper, fiberglass.
  • Wall decoration, creation of unique drawings - real masterpieces of painting.

Painting works have their technology and require great professionalism, especially inmodern conditions with their increased requirements for the repair and finishing workand to obtain the desired result.

You can be sure that our artists are highly qualified, talented, punctual masters of theircraft. They work as quickly as possible, efficiently, observing the technological process.

Painting work: stages and sequence of execution

Consider the main stages of painting work:

  1. Primer - applied with a liquid composition to create a reliable adhesion to the surfaceof walls, ceilings, and finishing materials. Some primers protect against mold andmildew.
  2. Cleaning - removal of dirt (dust, stains, traces of rust, etc.)
  3. Starting putty or base putty - applying a mixture for the initial leveling of walls andceilings, eliminating visible irregularities and differences. If the surface is sheathed withplasterboard, which by itself has already created a flat surface, the starting putty can beomitted, but it is enough to putty the seams between the plasterboard sheets.
  4. Finishing putty - the final leveling of the surface with a mixture of visible and invisibledefects, creating an even, smooth coating. Especially the finishing putty is necessary ifyou decide to paint.
  5. Painting, wallpapering or applying decorative plaster - the final stage of finishing. Theclient chooses a color to his taste, approves the drawing.


The cost of such services will depend on a large number of factors. So, for example, theprice is influenced by the volume and complexity of work, materials, as well as thesurface with which the master will have to work. It is equally important what category ofqualifications the painter (artist), to whom you turn to, will have. The higher hisqualification grade, the more his services will cost you. Do not be afraid to pay animpressive amount, but in the end, you will be able to get a high-quality result.

How to call a painter-artist?

You can request an ABC Home Expert today - call us by phone, or fill out the feedbackform on the website. The consultant will clarify the details and refer the master.

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