8’ Thermowood barrel sauna kit

8’ Thermowood barrel sauna kit
8’ Thermowood barrel sauna kit
8’ Thermowood barrel sauna kit
8’ Thermowood barrel sauna kit
  • Pre-cut 1.5” thickness lumber, with the grooves milled out for easy assembly.
  • Made of 100% Scandinavian Thermowood
  • Assembled Sauna is 96” in Length, about 72” wide, and stands 76” tall in the cradle
  • Two benches included on opposite sides
  • Available with Electric or Wood Burning Heater
  • Bucket & Ladle, Combometer, and sand timer included
  • Roof shingles included with every kit

Our Barrel Sauna Kits are now available in Scandinavian Thermowood! Each barrel sauna kit can be paired with either an electric or wood-burning stove. Our kits are provided by Backcountry Recreation, and provide easy instructions for set-up on site. This is a perfect product for a DIY customer, as assembly typically takes less than 3-4 hours! No special tools or skills are required, as all pieces are pre-cut and milled to assemble on-site.

Each kit comes with a bucket and ladle, sauna rocks, 2 seats, lighting, a sand timer, and a thermo/hygro combometer. The barrel sauna is held in place by sturdy stainless steel bands, and the kit includes a cradle, a tempered glass door, and stainless steel hinges and fasteners. Our kits include Bitumen roof shingles with every barrel to improve the life of your sauna purchase.

Thermowood is a popular alternative to Western Red Cedar, and has many of the same properties. It is available in ready supply, and kits ship in about 4-6 weeks. We ship our barrel saunas across Canada and the United States. Due to the size, a residential delivery is not possible. Pickup is at the local freight terminal, or to a business with a dock.

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