SOS handymen service

ABC Home Expert is your reliable assistant and expert in solving household chores. Wespecialize in the professional repair and maintenance of equipment in the home. We offeruniversal assistance in performing a variety of repair and ancillary work in any direction.

Handymen of ABC Home Expert:

  • arrive on time upon request; 
  • they have with them all the necessary tools and materials required to perform the work; 
  • perform the assigned tasks with high quality, do their job correctly and the first time.

List of works to be performed

ABC Home Expert experts are highly qualified and have vast experience. Easyscheduling and flawless execution is our main goal.

We provide a wide range of services for the repair, maintenance, improvement, andimprovement of your home. Namely, our helpers, laborers, loaders perform any kind ofrough work: cleaning construction waste, areas and premises, dismantling, loading andunloading, lifting building materials to floors, as well as dismantling dilapidatedbuildings, walls, ceilings. We carry out minor repairs. We carry out landscaping of theterritory. The competence of handymen also includes earthworks: digging trenches andfoundations, cutting down overgrowth of young trees, bushes, cutting down trees. Wetake on any work in your home!

We employ the following specialists for:

  • Land, dismantling, and household work.
  • Loading and unloading operations.
  • Seasonal cleaning.
  • Cleaning the territory.
  • At households, and household plots.
  • Garbage removal.

Our specialists will perform work of any profile with high quality and within thespecified time frame. The process takes place without downtime and smoke breaks. Wework around the clock.

We will answer all your questions and consult by phone.

Handymen for all occasions

If you need help with minor technical repairs and maintenance, please contact us! Ourhandymen can do almost everything! From cleaning areas, garbage collection, loading,and unloading valuables, providing assistance at events, dismantling walls, diggingtrenches (for anything), digging holes, painting, leveling the land, and much more! Andmost importantly, we clean up the garbage after we complete repair and other types ofwork!

ABC Home Expert provides handyman services at an affordable price, often offeringdiscounts. As a rule, the cost of an order is individual and depends on the duration ofcooperation, the number of employees hired, the volume, and the schedule of work. Toplace an order for the service, send us a request. Shortly, we will consider it, clarify thedetails (location of the object, type, and scale of work), select a team, draw up a contractand an estimate of work, organize the departure of handymen to the object.

Thus, soon we will provide you with qualified assistance and a quick solution to the problem.

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